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On the front end, this Drupal website appears straightforward and uncomplicated. But, behind the scenes, a powerful relational database structure is at work, driving the custom search capabilities that are at the heart of this website.

Our client, a genetics testing laboratory, provides testing services to medical professionals. Offering thousands of genetic tests, the lab needed a robust website that could handle large amounts of data and cater to the needs of their niche audience.

Creating an efficient and user-friendly experience was a priority. The lab wanted to be sure that finding tests was fast and easy for busy medical professionals, and giving their website visitors multiple ways to browse was a must.

What We Did

Carefully laying the groundwork was essential to ensuring a successful outcome. As this was the lab’s first website, we had to initially determine how to categorize and structure their large amounts of data. Then we had to find a way to make the data work together seamlessly to deliver the specific functionality our client needed to be competitive with other genetic testing laboratories.

Because this website required more sophisticated technology than most business websites, we chose a Drupal 8 platform which gave us the power and flexibility we needed to develop a custom interconnected database structure.

To make finding information easy, we developed four different means of browsing for tests and two types of text-only search. Utilizing clearly defined relationships between tables, this Drupal website performs effortlessly, providing efficient site-wide cross-referencing of data and superior search capabilities.

User Experience

User experience is smooth and streamlined. The website’s home page is clean and simple, with intuitive navigation. Web visitors can quickly access the information they need via three major pathways. Internal pages feature two sidebars with useful tools and links to keep the most important information “above the fold” and just a click away.

Quick load times contribute to the quality user experience, and responsive architecture ensures that the site performs properly on any device.

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