Read what our customers say about working with us.

  • “We continue to get compliments on our new site”

    You did fantastic work for Kairos Tooling and it has had a lasting impact on the business and its employees. We continue to get compliments on our new site and marketing materials from our customers and employees. The updates have delivered new energy and enthusiasm to Kairos Tooling in a meaningful way and we greatly appreciate it.

    David Kehr
    Head of Business Development
    Kairos Companies

  • “A capable, experienced and knowledgeable web development company”

    We’re very pleased that we chose Waterline to develop a website for our molecular diagnostics lab. They truly understood our needs, and they had the technical knowledge to build our website from scratch and to our specifications.

    The Waterline team worked with us throughout the initial planning to be sure we got what we wanted. They listened to our goals, asked questions and discussed our options. They took the time to thoroughly review competitor websites with us, and they researched different development platforms, ultimately recommending Drupal for our site.

    Waterline expertly handled the items on our wish list, developing custom programming that gave us the functionality we needed as well as some additional features we hadn’t considered. When any technical issues occurred along the way, they figured out a solution. In the end, we got a website that had everything we wanted.

    Working with Waterline was a very positive experience, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a capable, experienced and knowledgeable web development company.

    Blake Andres
    Executive Director
    DDC Clinic ~ Center for Special Needs Children

  • “We have been very happy with their work and will continue using them.”

    Waterline has done excellent work in designing a brochure for our hardwood lumber and custom moulding business. Their in depth understanding of the wood products industry means very little time was necessary explaining what we do and who our customers are, and more time producing high quality marketing material. We have been very happy with their work and will continue using them to fulfill our marketing needs.

    Lan McIlvain
    Alan McIlvain Lumber Co.
    Marcus Hook, PA

  • “I would highly recommend working with Waterline”

    I have worked with the team at Waterline for several years maintaining and contributing to the websites at my firms. They have always been very responsive and quick to turn around projects.  They’ve saved me countless hours adding/creating content and updating my website.  I look forward to expanding our relationship by relying on Waterline Websites and Marketing to assist my firm with our marketing efforts.

    I would highly recommend working with Waterline if you are looking for a responsive and experienced web development company.

    Scott M. Griffiths
    Firm Business Manager
    Nystrom Beckman & Paris LLP

  • “A smooth, well explained process”

    Waterline Websites & Marketing is a perfect match for a small business. It’s a smooth, well explained process getting to a final website that looks wonderful. Plus I can easily update my website going forward. Bottom line — a great product at the right price.

    Philip D. O’Neill
    International Arbitrator
    Lincoln, MA

  • “Brett’s work was impeccable and his assistance invaluable.”

    Our organization engaged Brett’s services as webmaster. He also provided design services along with creating and editing our web pages. Brett consistently delivered outstanding work. Our requests for content or content changes were often made with very tight deadlines, which Brett met unfailingly.

    Brett also provided additional consulting services, respecting the use of current conventions to enhance website page access and security. Having worked with Brett in that regard, I can attest to his knowledge of all things web-related and his ability to communicate relevant and useful information in a very pleasant and easy-to-understand manner.

    Brett’s work was impeccable and his assistance invaluable, and I recommend his services without hesitation.

    Susan Branca
    Great Lakes Science Center
    Cleveland, OH

  • “Met our highest marketing standards…truly an extension of our marketing team.”

    While deadlines are critical in the marketing world, it’s more than just finishing a project on time – accuracy is imperative as well. As our web master, Brett appreciated our organization’s brand, style and need for a fast, but precise, turnaround when it came to website updates. Whether the assignment was big or small, he efficiently communicated our message in a manner that met our highest marketing standards. I particularly appreciated the follow-through when a project was completed, so I could immediately notify our staff. He was truly an extension of our marketing team.

    Kristen Glaspell
    Marketing & PR Manager
    Great Lakes Science Center
    Cleveland, OH

  • “The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure.”

    After many years of discussing our outdated website, we finally made the decision that a new one should be designed. We reached out to Waterline Websites and Marketing for help. After a phone conversation as to what we were looking for, Nina and Brett made a trip to our facility to meet with us. They spent the time talking and asking questions to get a complete understanding of who we are as a company and what was important to us about our new website. They also took the time to tour our facility in order to have a complete understanding.

    From there they used their talent and expertise to guide us through designing our site. They provided several options in terms of layout and coloring, to get just the right look. They guided us in verbiage and how to get the best pictures to highlight our business. And through all of it they were extremely patient and understanding that we were still running a business and couldn’t always meet our deadlines.

    The entire process from start to finish was a pleasure. Waterline’s professionalism and sincere interest in getting a firm understanding of who we are as a company in order to produce the best possible website was remarkable. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade or develop a new website.

    Laura Davis
    Baker & Kerr, Inc.
    Upper Marlboro, MD

  • “Waterline has been a trusted partner…they’ve consistently produced quality work”

    The folks at Waterline have served as my marketing team for years, and I’m grateful for their professionalism, knowledge and dedication.

    With our modest staff size, we lack the time, employees and resources to execute many marketing efforts ourselves. Waterline has been a trusted partner, capably handling our email marketing, Google Ads campaigns, website content creation, newsletter project management and website management and maintenance. Through it all, they’ve consistently produced quality work.

    In addition, their prior experience in the non-profit world gives them an understanding of our organization and how to communicate our message that many other marketing firms don’t have. We appreciate their willingness to brainstorm and the helpful marketing advice, recommendations and guidance that they’ve offered.

    Waterline has been a pleasure to partner with, and I would recommend them to any business or organization in need of quality marketing services.

    Blake Andres
    Executive Director
    DDC Clinic ~ Center for Special Needs Children

  • “Your experience in the architecture and construction industries really paid off for us.”

    We just got back from the building industry trade show this past weekend, and I wanted to say thanks for all your work. You made us look great!

    Your experience in the architecture and construction industries really paid off for us. The banner you designed for our booth was clean, crisp and eye-catching. The updated logo you created for our company looked awesome. Our business cards, banners and brochure all looked coordinated and well-designed. Our company really looked professional and polished, and our booth was busy the whole time with visitors.

    Thanks, too, for creating and writing our brochure. Being a small company, we don’t have a writer on staff who can create and edit our advertising materials, so we were happy that you could write and design the brochure and arrange for its printing.

    Meredith Herman
    M. S. Herman & Company
    Bethel, CT

  • “Your professional photography makes my furniture look really good.”

    I’ve had other companies photograph my wood furniture, but your professional photography makes my furniture look really good. I especially like the fact that you photograph my pieces in a home-like setting and that you go the extra mile by placing attractive accessories on and near my furniture to make it look its best. The wine bottles, glasses and lamp that you used when you photographed my wine rack table were the perfect accents. The brochure looked really professional.

    John Hochstetler
    Jericho Woodworking
    Dalton, OH

  • “Your professionalism and project management made it all go very smoothly.”

    Thanks for making this whole process so easy. As a business owner, I resisted getting a website for a long time because I thought it would take up too much of my time and involve too much work. But you made the entire process easy because you handled all of the hard stuff, including writing all of my website text and taking photographs for my website. Your wood products background was also very helpful because you could dive right in, and I didn’t have to spend time explaining the industry. It was my busiest time of year, but your professionalism and project management made it all go very smoothly.

    Bruce Scheible
    Westek Architectural Woodworking, Inc.
    Westfield, MA

  • “Diligent and precise about every aspect of website development”

    I’ve worked in marketing for a variety of industries in Manhattan, Connecticut and upstate New York. I do not believe there is anyone more diligent and precise about every aspect of website development than Brett. You get full-spectrum treatment and results, from the latest marketing research to analytics to website design.

    Margaret Swendseid
    Swendseid Communications
    Oberlin, OH