Photo Compositing

Final composite image with product shot mapped on 3-D modelPhoto compositing is the process of combining images to create a new one. More often than not, it’s the merging of actual photographs. However, there’s another type of compositing that may be particularly interesting to manufacturers — merging actual product photos into a virtual environment. As shown below, real and virtual composite images can be a less expensive alternative to elaborate studio setups.

The first image in the series shows the furniture product shot taken in our studio, and the second shows the product isolated from the background. We created a virtual room (third image) and a distant light, representing the sun, was added behind the virtual window and sheers. We took great care to ensure that the direction and intensity of the light was coordinated in both the photo and virtual environment.

As sunlight comes through the window and sheers, it casts light and shadows on the floor and wall. A 3D model of the furniture piece was created and placed in the virtual room, and the isolated furniture image was then mapped onto the 3D model. In the final composite image, you can see how the 3D model receives sunlight and shadows across its face while casting its own shadow on the wall and floor.

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