Website Projects

These website projects are representative samples of our work.

Philip D. O’Neill, International Arbitrator

Serious and straightforward, this professional website has the appropriate tone to establish credibility and instill confidence. Quiet, calm shades of blue and grey evoke trust, dependability, logic and neutrality. Designed to make large amounts of text easily digestible, this site’s interior pages use accordion panels to categorize content and make it scannable. On the home page, a multi-image sliding banner visually communicates this international arbitrator’s areas of expertise and industries served.

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Nuhouse Furniture

Our client, a furniture designer who was going to exhibit his work at a prestigious industry showcase, urgently needed a website where he could direct interested buyers. The big problem was there simply wasn’t enough time to design and develop a full website in time for the event. We came up with a solution that achieved his objectives.

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Westek Architectural Woodworking

Having an attractive projects gallery on their website was a must for this client so that prospective customers could view samples of the company’s work. The challenge, however, was that this wood products manufacturer had a limited number of photos, most of which, at first glance, seemed unusable due to poor quality. But we were able to solve that problem.

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Wood Products Marketing Group

Clear and to the point, this business website doesn’t need fancy bells and whistles to be effective. Here’s an example of how good clean design, intuitive navigation and targeted content can come together to create an attractive, user-friendly website that engages and informs web visitors.

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